What is the snow made of?

We have over 200 products for winter effects, which are essentially made from paper, plastic, wax and dry foam products.

Is it expensive?

There is such a wide range of products with different methods of applications that it is very easy to find the right products for you at the right price point. If you want to decorate a window, your home or a family event there are products that you can take home to decorate yourself. If you are producing a TV commercial or a film, then we have a whole range of products to create any scale of winter setting that you need. You can have snow anytime, anywhere in anyway that you like, slashing the production costs of flying to a winter locations or having to do a full CGI snow environment.

Is it environmentally friendly?

We go to great lengths to make our products using recycled, recyclable, chemical free materials - safe to use around people and in sensitive natural environments. Our products have been used in protected locations around the world such as Canada and New Zealand where regulatons in areas of natural sensitivity are extremely strict. Our chemical-free snowFX range and Snowbase - the most widely used product in location shooting - is made from recycled paper that does no damage to the environment and is safe to use on plants, ground and trees. As a purely paper-based product, any residual amount left after clean up can even be considered as natural mulch.

Can you produce snow in hot locations?

Absolutely! We have products to suit all climates, inculding artificial snow that can last in warm climates for as long as you need, on location or in the studio.

How do your clean up?

The Clean-up of locations requires a team to sweep and shovel up the majority of the product then a high pressure water bowser isused, where possible, to wash down the site and remove the small amount of residual paper. If we are working with plastic snow in a studio then sweeping and shoveling is the main method with a vacuum or leaf blower to complete. If it is not essential to see actual ground beneath the snow in the shot then a snow membrane is laid down and the snow dressed on top - making the clean up easy with the membrane used to fold up all the snow for disposal.

Can I buy your products and dress the snow myself?

Abolutely, yes. We can provide you with a wide array of materials that you can use to create or dress your own winter scene. We are always happy to help you understand what products best suit your needs, and give you advice on how to use them.

Can I make snowballs with your snow?

Yes, once our snowFX is dressed it can be picked up and pressed into a snowball just like the real thing. We also have soft fabric faux snowballs so that your children can throw them safely and with no mess. Our snow does not melt.