Falling Snow with Snow Force


The SnowForce is a large floor standing falling snow machine, designed for use where large areas have to be filled with snow. It is extremely versatile and simple to position either from ground level or mounted in, or under, a cherry picker.

The mobile gimble and wheels allow for easy rotation, elevation and repositioning, enabling the machine to deliver wide coverage exactly where it is needed Using our dry foam falling snow fluid the snowflakes delivered are of consistent size and shape and slowly melt on contact with any surface.

When in use, the machine runs constantly and the snow is activated by a separate control making the on/off operation less intrusive.

The 20 litre tank holds enough fluid for the machine to run for approximately 90 - 120 minutes. The sound output is similar to that of an air conditioning unit, a low level noise that is easily masked by wind or street activity.

Available only in conjunction with our technicians